Disney Done Right
I was watching this special on different things to do at Disney World and Disney Land. I learned several different things that we could have done when we went there. The first thing I should clearly state is why I hate places like Disney Land and Disney World. I have always had a slight fear of heights. It goes back to an incident when I was in Kindergarten. I tried to hang upside down on the monkey bars. I saw the world beneath me and then went crashing to the
ground. I have never been able to go very high up without flinching since.
I learned that I do not like rollercoaster very well when my sister and I went to Six Flags Over Texas. We went on a kid rollercoaster and I hate the feeling of it. I have stayed away from rollercoaster’s and rides that go very high since. As you can imagine this eliminates the majority of amusement park rides. When we went to Disney World for the first time we went with my aunt’s family who had been there before. It was not a fun trip for me, since I did not want to go on most of the rides.
The special talked about several things I would have been interested in. One of them was a part of the park called Disney Quest. Disney Quest’s focus is mostly focused on virtual reality adventures. Ithink I would have been able to handle something like that a lot more then I would have the real ones. One machine in Disney Quest lets you design you own rollercoaster. When people are done designing the rollercoaster another machine lets them ride a simulation of it. I think it would have been very interesting and loved to do that.
Another interesting things to do would have been the water parks.Water parks have different things to do that I enjoy. This one water park in Texas had boogie boarding. I loved thatFrom the minute I tried it. One Disney park had lazy rivers which is my mom’s father water park activity. They also had wave pools which has always been my favorite activity. The park also offered surfing which would have been fun to do. If I could have picked one thing to try to do at Disney World though it would have been Parasailing.My family had been talking about returning to Disney World one day. would be all for that. It seemed like we missed so much the first time we went. I kind of wish we had gotten to focus on other stuff besides the parks. The only thing we did during our whole vacation was amusement parks. There must have been other stuff to do down there. My sister and cousin who like amusement parks had a blast though. I think Disney World might be a better attraction for kids then teenagers. I did get a glass from Planet Hollywood though.

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Treasure the moment

Appreciate the Brief Moments
The show Touch is about an autistic boy named Jake who even though he does not  speak he is very gifted when it comes to numbers. The episode I saw last night was very heartfelt and bittersweet. The main focus this season on Touch has been to reunite this woman Lucy with her daughter Amelia. Amelia was kidnapped from her mother. Amelia like Jake is very gifted only instead of numbers Amelia focuses on probabilities. She knows the outcome of almost any given situation. The person who captured her was named Calvin. He measured Amelia brain activity in order to fix the damage a car crash had done to his brother.

The episode last night was all about appreciating the short time we have with one another in life. The group of Jake, Jake’s dad, and Lucy finally accomplish their goal of rescuing Amelia, only to have her mother caught by the same people few hours later. Calvin does manage to fix his brother brain damage but there are consequences. The consequences
involved with Calvin’s brother are ones I could see coming a mile away.

Lucy ends up invading the base where Amelia is being kept and with the help of Jake and his dad bust her out. The group decides to separate after Amelia is free in order to protect her, because they all know the people who captured her will stop at nothing to get her back. When Lucy and Amelia leave Jake and his dad they become surrounded by the group that captured Amelia and Lucy. The only way to protect Amelia forces her to flee the car. Lucy stays in the car and faces the wrath of her daughters captures. I know it does not feel like much of a reunion but it is better than never being reunited with her at all.

Calvin goes to the hospital were his brother. Calvin uses what he has learned to find the right paths in his brother’s brain to allow him to wake from his coma and talk. The minute he mentioned his plan for fixing his brother’s brain damage I was skeptical. My first thought on this plan was has this guy ever read the book Flowers for Algernon, no good can come from this.

Sure enough the brother wakes up for a day then reverts back to his original state. There is one good thing that came out of this though, Calvin has always felt somewhat responsible for the state his brother is in. He was driving the car the night of the crash that caused his brother’s brain damage. He apologizes to his brother and his brother smiles and recalls a game they played as children where Calvin would brave a fake mountain to save him. Calvin brother then mentionsthat even today he is still saving him. That brief moment of forgiveness between them is something Calvin can always treasure. The lessoned learned by both Calvin and Lucy this week indicates that you have to be grateful for every moment spent with the people you love. Even if you only spend five or ten seconds cause sometimes that all you have.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Today’s Children’s Programming

Today’s television for children is certainly different from how it was twenty-something
years ago when I was young. There was a limited amount of shows you could choose from. The shows you had to choose from were either educational or entertaining. Today children’s programming is both educational and entertaining in the same show. It is this combination that makes me think television geared toward children will impact the next generation. Will the values children learn from television help society or hinder it? There good and bad things about children’s T.V. shows today.
The biggest benefit I could find about children’s television shows today is the diversity of characters.Nick Jr. a child station of Nickelodeon that only features children programming until nine o’clock at night has a mixture of different cultures and ethnicities. There programs include Hispanic characters like Dora the Explorer and her cousin Diego.I think exposing children to so many different cultures through the T.V. they are watching is a great concept.The kids watching the program can learn about many different cultures like Spanish or Chinese. Kids understanding more about different cultures can have a huge, positive impact on the world.
I think this will have a great impact on the next generation in their tolerance of one another. Several generations including our have had a hard time understanding each other cultures. This lack of understanding has led to many things that could be avoided like war. The next generation exposure to one another’s culture might be the break through our nation requires to become more willing to corporate with other nations. I am not naïve enough to believe that stop wars and other act of violence entirely.Teaching the next generation tolerance of one another might be a huge step towards a better world though.
There are several bad values that children could learn from kids’ programs today as well. One example that I witnessed occurred when I was watching a children program with my two year old niece. The characters had a make believe grocery store and were checking people out after creating the prices. The decide to charge bananas individual instead of in an bunch. Most supermarkets charge bananas by the bunch so that struck me as odd. When I thought more about I realized it sends a very strong message. It speaks volume about the value of money in this country.
Most people place way to much value on how much thing cost or buy an expensive thing as a status symbol. The way the kids checkout sold individual bananas showed that kids that the most important thing is to make money. The way they counted out the bananas also was teaching kids that it is better to charge people for each individual thing and not pay a set price. Buying only individual things allows the person buying the product to only have a certain amount. I think that is a bad value to teach kids we should teach kids to pay more attention to the person buying the product then the amount they end up making off it.

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Blog 5

What the author of Hunger Games should have done.

            The biggest issue I had with The Hunger Games was the starting point. I think it was very hard for us to sympathize with the society and inhabitants. The book started many years after the fall of normal society and I never got a very good understanding of  what caused the death of the old society and what created the new one. The lack of explanation about what happened previously makes it harder to understand the struggles of the people in the districts. The second thing I dislike how much the  games caused people to be unemotional.Most people whe faced with adversity seem to shut off their emotions as a way of coping.  The lack of emotion makes for some very dull, flat characters in Hunger Games

            I never realized how much I dislike this aspect of the book until I read another series that I feel is ten times better called Into the ShadowsInto the Shadows is a  book that is similar to Hunger Games in the fact that it deals with a dystopian society.The similarities between the two books end their though.  The Hunger Games showed a society that had already collapsed before we even opened the first page of the book.  Into the Shadows shows the changes that happen in previous society from start to finish.

            I began to realize the reason I had disliked reading The Hunger Games  somewhere in the middle of Into the Shadows. I remember the exact scene in Into the Shadows. It was right after the introduction of this senator who wanted to be elected  into  presidency  receives the information he needs to make it happen. Into the Shadows is about  a high school freshman named Paivi. Paivi is a clairavoient who gets vision while she sleeps. Paivi can also move things with her mind when she gets emotional. Both of Paivi’s abilities are also exhibited by her parents.

            People all over the world are capable of doing what Paivi and her parents can do but they do everything possible to  remain hidden.The information the senator receives changes all that. A woman gives the senator a list of people with abilities like Paivi and her parents who could use their powers to stop a group of criminals from attacking. The senator publishes the names of the people who could have come forward and stopped the criminal’s attacks. The senator then labels them as terrorists.

            The second reason I liked Into the Shadows more than Hunger Games was because it was so much more realistic.The government reaction to news and how they handled it reminded me a lot of the Holocaust. The minute Paivi’s family names were printed  the law enforcement people set up several restrictions like curfews, having to set at a certain table for lunch things like that. The people who get arrested for violating these laws are sent to places that resemble work camps as punishment. I have a harder time imagining a scenario in which kids as young as eleven  are sacrificed to fight for their town.  I encourage everyone to pick up both copies and decide for themselves which is superior.

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To grandma house we go

To Grandmother’s House We Go
Trips to grandma’s house were always so memorable. I spent a good portion of my
childhood going to both my grandma’s houses. The experiences were very enjoyable, both in
different ways. My grandmother on my biological dad’s side was more strict then my grandma
on my mom’s side. The thing that I liked best on biological dad’s grandma house was the
variety of different things you could find to play with. One of my favorites was the etch sketch
for the few people who do not know an etch sketch is a device that has two knobs on it. One
knob allows you to draw a line to the left. The second knob allows you to draw a line to the right.
My grandfather could draw these incredible intricate designs and I always tried to imitate
him. His best trick however was when he fake threw a hula hoop believable enough for me to
think he threw it and try to chase it. The downside to the etch sketch was that my sister would
see me picking it up and immediately demand a turn. It seem like every time I would get
somewhere with it would be her turn.
The best game to play at my grandparents was court. My sister and I would drag all the
dolls and stuffed animals outside and give them mock trials about stupid stuff. Our favorite
suspect was this blue huge Papa Smurf doll.
Another toy I really like was this white ceramic recorder. I always tried to learn how
to play it. My sister would always protest the minute I picked it up. My favorite toy though was
a purple popple doll named Party. The popples were a cartoon based on imaginary creature who
only children could see. The popples had kangaroo like pouches that stored a vast majority of
objects. I would care that doll everywhere.
The most unusual thing I found at my grandmother house was a real pair of nun chucks. I
found them under the couch one day. It was amazing how fast my grandmother took them away
from them. What those nun chucks were doing there I still do not know. My grandma on my
mom side spoiled both me and my sister tremendously. The thing I remember most about my
grandmother on my mom’s side is eat junk food and watching movies. I think my favorite junk
food was gummy bears which my grandma bought huge bags of.
My grandma was one of the first people I knew to get satellite tv. The day she got her
satellite I faked sick to get out of kindergarten just so I could watch some of the new channels. I
especially liked watching the cartoon network. I want to know what were your experiences like
with your grandparents. What did you like to do when your went to your grandparents? Did you
have any special activities that you do together? How has your grandparents influenced you in
your life?

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Frozen In Time
The house is middle class looking in a suburban era. There was a usually three cars in the
drive way every day. There have been many happy and sad memories in that house. The kitchen
has a hardwood floor. The refrigerator is solid steel with an ice maker built in. On the
refrigerator is several drawings done by a child a couple of magnet and letters with magnets in
them. The most unusually thing is in a frame shaped like a red pickup truck. The photo show a
bug eyed, long nosed dog frozen in time.
The most important reason for choosing to write about this particular photo is how
meaningful the subject is. The dog in the photo did not become part of the fridge until five years
ago when he died. The dog was a cherished member of the family for six years. His life ended
unexpectedly two days before Christmas. The photo was cut from a larger photograph to fit only
the one dog in the frame. I chose this photo for personal reasons since he was a part of my life
for a long time. The photo is in color showing the dog in all his glory right down to the freckle
like patterns on his nose. His doggie mouth opened in a smile. Hoss’s overly long pink tongue
hanging straight down from his mouth. The black outline of his eyes resembling the black lining
of football player’s. Hoss was not beautiful by any means but he had personality in spades.
He felt like it was it was his sole purpose in life to be entertaining Hoss would constantly
try to hide his long Cocker Spaniel body behind the comforter hanging down from my mom and
dad’s bed. The sheets were not hanging low enough to hide him completely however that did not
stop him from trying. My mother would see him and say “where is Hoss” then he would come
out and she would say “there he is.”
I first saw the photo in that frame a few days into January. A month after Hoss’s death.
Hoss’s death shocked both my parents because it was so unexpected. Most of the day he was
fine. Later that evening he became very lethargic. His tongue also turned yellow as did his eyes.
We took him to the vet the next day. The morning after we took him to the vet he died. Once
Christmas was over and we felt a little less shocked my father got out the frame shaped like a red
pickup track and a photo of Hoss. The photo frame was from Hallmark and could also be
converted into a Christmas tree ornament. He said that Now we would have our own Hoss
Christmas tree ornament. The next Christmas and every other Christmas after that we took the
refrigerator magnet and put thin yellow string through the top of it and put it on the tree.

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Verison and ESPN

When I woke this morning  I read an article about racist sport logo’s on ESPN and I saw a Verison Wireless commercial. Here is my thoughts on both. The verison commercial made me more angry so it is longer. I know the  sports logo thing seem like a more serious issue but only

some people like sport and everyone has cell phones so I feel Verison is more important.

            Have you seen the Veison wireless commercial were the majority kids all agree that faster is better?  That commercial capture societies’ values in a extremely unflattering way.  The  commercial also makes me concerned for what we are teaching the next generation. The commercial has an older man asking a bunch of elementary school kids which is better fast or slow. The question is asked to try to get viewers to upgrade to a faster wireless service. The commercial says a lot about society today.

            The society we live in demands that things get done as fast as possible.  The invention of the internet makes it possible to download thing in less than an hour.   I often wonder if wanting thing done as quickly as possible is the best way to do things.  When we chose the fastest way to do things, we often cut corners one way or another.

I often remember the  fable the tortoise and the hair. Thetortoise and the hare is about a race between the two species. The hare is confident  that he can out run the tortoise because of his natural slow pace.  The tortoise though naturally slower wins the race because he pushed himself. The moral of that story is that going slow and steady can accomplish a lot. I think that value should have a place in society today. Imagine, if instead of getting things done as fast as we can we try to make sure, we get the job done to the best of our ability.

           I worry for the next generation if this quest for speed over quality continues.  The kids in The Verison commercial are in elementary school which grabs the attention of other kids their age.  I wonder how many kids are going to watch and obtain the value of speed shown in that commercial. The idea of the next generation taking the value of speed seen in that commercial to heart scares me.

This is my response to the article I read on ESPN. The article mainly focused on Native American racist named sport teams like redskins. I went to a school for years that had the team  Glenpool Warriors so I can understand a little of where this article was coming from. I am so glad they decided to focus on Native Americans’ thoughts on this issue since they are who it affects the most.  Most of the Native Americans were offended by the mascot names. I myself was offended by the response the Stanford Indians got when the said the way the mascot moved was inaccurate. I have never been much of a sports person so I often do not think about stuff like this.

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